Marc Preven Bio

Marc Preven is the founder, chief cook and head bottle washer of NEWrotic New York City Tours, the first urban adventure sightseeing service with an emphasis on the undiscovered borough of Queens, of which he is a life long resident. He is a licensed sightseeing guide.

Marc is an skilled globetrotter. His passionate pursuit of travel began as an "airline brat". which is what the offspring of airline employees are called. He has visited Belize, Brazil, Canada, Columbia, England, Egypt, Holland, Israel, Italy, Scotland, South Africa and areas throughout the United States. The rest of the world has emigrated to within a few short subway stops from his current residence in Forest Hills.

Formally, Mr. Preven has been involved in manufacturing telecommunication equipment, sound recording equipment for the motion picture industry, transportation engineer and road scholar. He has an advanced degree in the School of Hard Knocks, from the University of the Streets New York City Campus.

Marc is fluent in Human Nature, a general eclectist and enthusiastic New Yorkologist. He does not own a motor vehicle and plays well with others.


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