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New York City Tours for folks who hate ordinary New York tours. For the vast majority tourism New York City is a one size fits all plain vanilla sampling of conventional landmarks and attractions, and as the gold standard of NEWrotic New York situation comedians Jerry Seinfeld would say, "not that there's anything wrong with that."

Experienced New York City travelers and visitors know the real deal is out there somewhere - raw, messy, untamed and on the edge. By the time others realize and figure out what creative energies enjoy it's always a shadow of its deviant self, stripped of its authenticity and its impact.

These NYC Tours come face to face with a constant exposure to ideas and people that may seem foreign, uncomfortable and more often than not downright hostile to conventional sensibilities. Nonetheless, by understanding and appreciating the essential nature of these New York Tours you will get to sample and relish the Tourism NYC that few will ever see.

This being said, if that ain't your cup of coffee, please don't be put off. The best place for you to begin is here which is our Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Tourism New York City Alternatives

Tourism NYC alternatives allows you to experience people, places and things typical tourists would only find buried deep in their guide books. Come see, hear, taste, feel and touch for yourself these beguiling NYC Tours.

Queens Scenes NYC - Around The World With A MetroCard Tour:

The borough of Queens is today's living breathing equivalent of Ellis Island. It is the most ethnically diverse piece of real estate on planet earth. Brooklyn is better known. (Warning beware of fast talking salesman offering shares in a hot tech stock on the NASDAQ called but for connoisseurs of ethnicity, it is a gigantic gumbo of multicultural mayhem. The Queens Scenes NYC Tours takes you into the neighborhoods of Elmhurst and Jackson Heights. These communities are truly representative of the gorgeous tapestry, which is what NEWrotic New York City tourism is all about.

Highlights include:

Riding the #7 subway train also known as The International Express

Explore Asian, South Asian and Latin American sections of New York City rarely visited by outsiders

View three centuries of religious architecture in the New World

Visit the Location of McDowells fast food restaurant made famous in the Eddie Murphy movie "Coming To America"

Window shop or purchase gold jewelry fit for a Maharajah or his significant other(s)

Learn where the game Scrabble was invented.

Wander in and around several large ethnic supermarkets

Taste some serious Indian, Chinese, Malaysian or Viet Namese food

Purchase gifts for less than you would spend in Manhattan

All this and more . . .

To learn more about Famous Queens Residents click here.

To learn more about Queens Inventions & Products click here.

Must See NYC Sightseeing

All That Jazz: The Louis Armstrong Home Tour

If you or someone you love is a fan of Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong, this unique New York City tour has your name written all over it. The Louis Armstrong Home was opened in the Fall of 2003. It is a National Historic and New York City Landmark. Armstrong was a founding father of one of America's great gifts to the world - jazz music, an American icon and one of the most recognizable people of the 20th century. He settled into this modest home in working class Corona, Queens in 1943 and spent the rest of his life there. His house and its furnishings have remained the same as they were during Satchmo's lifetime. This tourism nyc adventure is as close to heaven as any Louis Armstrong fan(s) will get in this world.

Must See NYC Sightseeing

Queens: A True (East Coast) Hollywood Story AKA The No Free Lunch & A Movie Museum Tour:

Have you ever watched a television show or seen a movie? As Mr. Rogers' might say, "sure you have, boys and girls." The Queens: A True (East Coast) Hollywood Story AKA The No Free Lunch and A Movie Museum is just like dinner and a movie. Except you buy your own lunch and instead of seeing a movie in front of the screen, we go behind the screen to learn about the process of how motion pictures are made at the American Museum of the Moving Image, located at the Kaufman-Astoria Studios. Which, believe it or not, is the largest TV and movie production facility between London and Hollywood. This "slice of life'" is perfect for children of all ages, who seek to understand the very expensive, fascinating, and NEWrotic process involved in creating the moving images we all consume daily.

Must See NYC Sightseeing

Take Me To The River: The Rivers-N-Hoods (Neighborhoods) Journey:

New York City is surrounded by water. These waters have provided sustenance and livelihood for generations. Most visitors and New Yorkers only get to see the scenery from Manhattan looking outward, few get to see the sights from Brooklyn and Queens, which is where the really interesting views are looking inwards towards "the city" which is what the outer borough residents call the island of Manhattan. The DUMBO (Down Underneath the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) section of Brooklyn is home to the Empire-Fulton State Park. This spot affords the quintessential panoramic downtown view of the Manhattan skyline often seen in advertising, movies, and television and rarely seen by most residents of New York City. We also visit Roosevelt Island which sits sandwiched between Queens and Manhattan like a slice of cold cuts in a New York hero (hoagie or grinder) sandwich. The undeveloped southern tip of the island affords some of the best views of Mid-town Manhattan imaginable. Roosevelt Island featured prominently in the Mel Gibson, and Julie Roberts movie "Conspiracy Theory" and the movie "Spider Man."

Must See NYC Sightseeing

Bargains, Bialys, Buddha's, Doughnuts, & Dumplings: A Lower East Side Cultural, Ethnic, Food and Shopping Extravaganza:

The Lower East Side of Manhattan is to New York City history what theme parks are to Florida vacationers. This exceptional NYC neighborhood has played host to waves of immigrants seeking "La Dolce Vita" (the Sweet Life) in the New World, even to this very day. These are the Mean Streets where Meir Lansky, Robert DeNiro, Al Capone, and Martin Scorsese paid their dues and made their bones like countless others, before them, who washed up on these shores. The ethnicity of the residents changes but the struggle for identity and the American Dream continues. It is also home to the New York City Bargain District. Where you can purchase everything from cheap tchotchkes (pronounced \\\\CHOTCH-kuhs\\\\, (a trinket; a knickknack; a gewgaw) to designer thingamajigs. Our visit would not be complete without sampling some of the local culinary delicacies, which this incomparable New York City neighborhood has, in abundance.

Must See NYC Sightseeing

The Writing On The Wall Excursion: NYC Urban Street Art & Other Cultural Treasures:

Once upon a time, back in the 1970's and 1980's graffiti was as common on the subway trains as Starbucks Coffee shops are on the streets of New York City today. To some it was vandalism and criminal, to others it was a way of life and a mission from God, for others it was urban street art of the highest caliber. This all depends on your point of view. Like most types of art, business and love, when it's good it's great, when it's bad it's awful. If you find graffiti to be a good thing than this will be your cup of tea. Up in El Barrio (East or Spanish Harlem for you gringos, where there is a rose) located in and around a school-yard, just below the Metro North tracks is the Graffiti Hall of Fame. Known only to aficionados. This is comparable to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for true fans of this legendary urban art form. A visit to the De La Vega Gallery is also on the agenda. James De la Vega is best known for his out door murals and phrases he writes on both sidewalks and the temporary walls around construction sites. His maxims are short sweet, deep and very New York. Nearby to these places are several other outstanding cultural treasures within walking distance. Which include both the Conservatory Garden

that is Central Parks only "formal garden" and the Museum of the City of New York. There is also another amazing graffiti spot located in Long Island City Queens for folks who enjoy this urban tribal art form.

Must See NYC Sightseeing

Run You Ragged Combo Platter NYC Tours:

The Run You Ragged Combo Platter NYC Tours allows you to visit any of the above NEWrotic New York City destinations. You get to pick and choose the NYC Attractions that interest you. No fuss, no muss. Meandering and moseying is a lost art. These moments are meant to be enjoyed and savored at a pace and place which is comfortable to your needs.

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